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Our Mission: Angels’ Care Closet’s mission is to provide assistance to families and individuals in New England in the form of donated clothing, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, and other supplies. We aim to provide some relief to struggling families and ensure their children can attend school confident and supplied with what they need to succeed, as well as support families who endure tragic losses or financial uncertainty.

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Client and Referral Hours

Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm

Thursdays 6pm - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Off-hours appointments for emergencies and those who may have special needs or prefer privacy

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About Us

The founder, Melissa, at one point experienced financial and food insecurity growing up.  It created a lot of fear, anxiety, and shame and was something that affected confidence as well as school performance. This anxiety created a lasting impact that is felt to this day.  If she has an opportunity to prevent this lasting effect on someone else, there is an obligation to help.

Additionally, Melissa has worked with the Salvation Army, teachers, case workers, and other friends who deal with poverty and folks in need daily.  She understands the difficulty of sharing resources timely and that even resale stores may be too costly for some cases.  When people are willing to donate their own items freely, we should aim to pass those to those who need them for free as well.  

The Name: After adopting only 2 of the “Charlie’s Angels” Litter of 3 kittens from the Seekonk Animal Shelter – the founders of Angels’ Care Closet wondered what would happen to the 3rd littermate of their new kittens.  She was now alone, very skittish, and needed a home too. After thinking it over, they decided to take all 3 kittens, as the extra cost and work for the 3rd  kitten was far less concerning than the sadness of not helping her when they could.  Remembering the story of the “Angels”,  the organization seeks to help others whenever it can, even if it’s a little more effort and needs more resources.

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